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People only watch their favourite movies as paying for every movie can be quite expensive for a person in today’s world. But fear not, if you’re a movie junkie and want to watch every movie you can still do that without paying a single penny. There are a lot of websites available that lets you do that. DVDPlay is a website that lets you download different movies in different genres, languages etc. It has all types of movies including Tamil, Telugu, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali etc. All the movies available on this platform are in HD format and it’s extremely to download movies from this website. 

What is DVDPlay? 

DVDPlay is one of the websites where people can find all sorts of movies in different languages and genres. This website has a wide range of movies from which a user can download any movie they prefer. It is basically a movie downloading website which offers a wide variety of movies to download and that too free of charge. Apart from movies, it also has a collection of TV shows and documentaries which can be streamed online or downloaded as per the like of the user. The process of downloading is quite easy as the server of the website is really fast thereby making it user-friendly too.

Is it legal? 

DVDPlay is a pirated website which has been blocked under the anti-piracy law of India. Websites like these are unauthorised and should not be used for any type of installation or research operations. The webserver of this website has been penalized on various occasions. It opposes the anti-piracy laws of the country and is an illegal website. DVDPlay is a pirated website and hence it is illegal as per the anti-piracy laws of India. The user should restrain from using such websites as it might cause them harm and they might end up in a very bad situation. Therefore, users should not use such websites for downloading movies or GPN streaming phase.

How to download or watch content from DVDPlay? 

Most of these pirated websites are blocked by the Government of India under the anti-piracy laws so one cannot download or watch movies directly from the website from your browser but it’s not impossible. In order to watch or download the movie, one needs a VPN to access the website. The VPN helps in bypassing the restrictions.

The following are the steps that you should follow to watch content from DVDPlay:

  • Download and install a VPN such as Nord VPN or Turbo VPN. There is a lot of free VPN available on the Google Play store. You can download the VPNs from the official websites too in case you are using a PC. 
  • After downloading, you can install the VPN. After you’re done installing the VPN, select the server of the country where the website is not banned. The VPN helps you in bypassing the restrictions and hiding your identity. 
  • You will be able to see all the latest movies available on the website after bypassing the restrictions.
  • You can select or search for the movie or show that you want to watch or download from the website.
  • After clicking the movie link, you’ll be redirected to the downloading page. Choose to play the movie online or select the download option as per your preference.
  • The movie will start playing if you select the play online option in the selected video player.
  • You can select the download option if you want to watch it later and the movie will start downloading. You can watch it anytime you want after it gets downloaded. 

Alternatives to DVDPlay

Websites like these are constantly getting banned or blocked by the Indian government. So, in case DVDPlay gets banned or blocked by the government, you can check out the alternatives provided in the below mentioned list to keep watching latest movies or television shows for free. There is a lot of websites that allow you to watch or download latest movies or shows for free. Some of the best alternatives are :

  • Hd4mania 
  • Hd4.dlmania.com 
  • Filmyzilla
  • OkPunjab 
  • PagalWorld
  • YTS
  • 9xmovies 
  • MoviesRush.in 
  • 9xupload.xyz 
  • World4free
  • Worldfree4u

Frequently asked questions

Can I watch any movie or show on the website?

Yes, DVDPlay is used for downloading or watching content online. The developers update this website as soon as a new movie or series gets released or aired. DVDPlay has a vast collection of movies and web series from various OTT platforms and newly theatre released movies. You can even find movies as old as 50 years. It has got movies and television shows of all genres and for all categories.

Is it really free? 

Yes, everything available on DVDPlay is completely free of cost. You can watch or download movies, shows without paying a single penny for it. You just need a VPN and a good internet connection to proceed further in order to watch or download your favourite movies or shows.

Will I get arrested if I get caught using DVDPlay?

The DVDPlay is an absolutely unsafe website. It means that it is illegal and banned in India as per the government’s anti-piracy law. There can be a lot of problems if you are caught downloading movies and shows from such websites because the government has the right to punish them. People are suggested not to use such websites.

How can I watch movies without breaking the law ? 

There is no legal way of watching movies on these website. VPN only hides your identity and let’s you enter the website but you’re still breaking the law in a sense. The legal way to watch your favourite movie or show is to pay for the movies or rent on the rental platforms, watch them in the theatre or buy subscriptions from legal OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. 

Does it damage my computer or mobile? 

 DVDPlay does not harm or damage your devices such as your mobile phones, computer or any other device but the advertisements on such websites can lead you to download hacking software on your devices secretly. There is a high chance of your device getting infected with a virus or malware. These websites often contain viruses which can exploit your privacy and directly access sensitive data in your phone. 


This article is only for educational purposes. We do not promote or support piracy or any other illegal activity under any circumstance. We fully support all the principles and legal guidelines of the authorities.  We believe that everyone should admire and support each other’s work. The people who make these movies put in a lot of effort. Their efforts should not go in vain because of piracy or some illegal activity. Everyone deserves the rewards for their hard work and we should always respect and appreciate these efforts.


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